Welcome Home,
You Beautiful Bastard.

Welcome home,
You beautiful

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I missed you.


Whisky M

Whisky M

I missed you.

Hello, gorgeous.

I’m Whisky M (or James, if you prefer) and this here’s my website. Built it myself, from scratch! With limestone, Egyptian style.

Wondering what this is all about? Well, I’m a freelance writer and self-published author. I have a background in narrative development and continuity management (if you’re hiring, wink), but for most of you out there, all you really need to know is that I write words good. If you’re still curious, there’s an About page where I do a tidy job of rambling about myself for quite a while. Click my name in that top bar and it’ll bring you on over.

I’ve got two different IPs floating around at the moment, a YouTube channel linked up on the Streaming button, and a raging hangover from last night – but let’s keep that bit between us chums. And if you’re looking for talent, why yes, I am for hire, and there’s a page for that too.

I’ll leave it at that. This website is your hub for everything Whisky, everything Sierra Lima, everything Lancastria, everything your parents warned you about when you were little but you scoffed at – like killer clowns, and lead poisoning. Yeah, you’re getting lead poisoning right now, just reading this. So take your time and explore! There’s always new stuff to discover, and pretty soon I’ll be rolling out post-apocalyptic weekly updates, followed thereafter by swashbuckling weekly updates, and with a whole mess of video content wedged in between it all. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

I've got your back, mate. Let's do this thing.


Let's Plays - Game Lore - Audio Books - Short Films - Drunken Shenanigans

Oh, sure, I write lotsa stuff, and that's cool and all, but kids today don't just want to read about visceral action on a dusty page (I know, Rupert Giles is rolling in his grave); they want to watch it live, in stereoscopic color and with ultrasound definition. So fret not, boys and girls, because I've got you covered. I actually got my start performing on the stage. Along the way I discovered I enjoyed telling stories even more than I enjoyed reenacting them, but that never stopped me from throwing myself in front of the spotlight. I'm still getting a feel for the whole YouTube thing - up 'till now I've been more "curtains" than "camera" - but I'm having a blast, and by jove, I think you might too. So check me out, make love to the subscription button, and don't forget to tell me how annoying I am down in the video comments. It's showtime.

Aw, nuts. It looks like I'm behind on my schedule (again). I don't have any videos to share now, but I strongly suspect I will on, about, or around - and I'm just making this up - eight o'clock at night, Eastern Standard Time, July 19th. Totally random.

Hello, Halo: Outpost Discovery!

Project KEYES: Coming Soon

(I don't keep it loaded, son. You'll have to find content as you go.)

If you’re reading this, odds are good you met me or a member of my crew this weekend at Halo: Outpost Discovery in Philadelphia. Or, this past weekend, if you’re reading this from the far-flung future. And if that’s the case, awesome. It was a blast getting the opportunity to make your acquaintance.

If you’re reading this, odds are also good you don’t give a damn about anything on this website, and you just want to know where that juicy Halo content is at. Well – don’t worry! I have footage rendering quite literally as I type this, and will be posting updates about Project: KEYES and #MyHaloStory really soon. In the meantime, kick back, relax, enjoy this dope picture of an Elite,. Enjoy the event. Oly oly oxen free, kids.

Oh, and, if you’re Kiki Wolfkill or Ske7ch and you’re reading this because I gave you my card and I made such a fantastic first impression you’ve decided to welcome me with open arms to 343 Industries post-haste? I think we’re just getting started.

Got the insider scoop on the greatest story never told? Holding out hope for your secret senpai slasher ship? Just expanding your business? I've got your number, mate. Commission today!

Stay up to date on all the drunken shenanigans! See new stuff! Discover exotic sandwich recipes! Take a moment of your time to go ahead and pound that

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