A World of Pirates and Fantasy

Coming Spring 2020

The Year Is 1882...

The LANCASTRIAN EMPIRE is at war. Its armies are entrenched against the DIESEL-powered behemoths of the KAISER of HESSE. The ROYAL AIR NAVY is beset on all sides by AIRSHIP PIRATES. All the while, the PAPAL CITIES plot conspiracy and a plague ravages the NEW WORLD. As the EMPIRE OF ROSES wilts under twilight skies, a new chapter in the world begins, and anything is possible. It is a time of adventure and exploration.​

It is a time of revolution.


Welcome to a high octane world of adventure, fantasy, and the madcap science of days gone by! Heroes, villains, pirates and scoundrels lurk on every page. Let your imagination give way to wanderlust, and embark on an escapist journey like no other.

Get Started. Start Reading.

Join the pirate captains of the Black Court. Stand beside soldiers who wage endless war in the trenches of The Line. Uncover conspiracy and treason along the banks of Venice. Drink with the tinkerboys of King Street and don your finest goggles.
Lancastria is calling.
Down the Rabbit Hole

Latest Content

The Owl Job

The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit embarks on their most daring adventure yet – a heist beneath the nose of The Owl of Venice himself. Either don your masquerade mask or stand aside, Ocean’s 11. This is a job for pirates.

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-A scene of uproar and dissent, especially one
started by Irishmen; a chaotic brawl… especially one
started by Irishmen.

A Whisky Mohawk Original Screenplay

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The Turkish Wrath! Part One

…Lovelock was six feet tall, sported an unkempt, short beard laced with ginger that did little to compliment the tangled frock of dark hair atop his head, and was as unapologetially a megalomanic thug as he was Irish; which was to say, about fifty percent on his mum’s side.

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