The End is Now

Coming Spring 2020

Los Angeles is burning.

Mankind is caught in the middle of a desperate war between HEAVEN and HELL. ANGELS and DEMONS clash. Millions die in the crossfire. Every MYTH, every HORROR STORY, every NIGHTMARE - it was all true. MONSTERS roam the Earth. This is the APOCALYPSE.
But in CALIFORNIA, humanity fights back. It is still our world. We are STILL STANDING.

Welcome to the Resistance.


Open the book and step into Hell itself. Sierra Lima is a world of nightmares and abominations. It is a time of desperation, terror, and violence - of Rapture.
These are the stories of savage beasts - but they are also the stories of the men and women who oppose them.
Heroes will rise. Heroes will die.

Get Started. Start Reading.

Stride through the gates of Sierra Lima. Take to the streets of Gangland. Run with wolves, hunt with vampires, and fight through an army of the damned. Raise arms, take back your home, and spit into the fires of Hell. Do you have what it takes?
Join The Resistance

Latest Content

A Very Si-Li Christmas, Pt 2

Vega pulled the cloth off of the tabernacle, draping it over the dead man beside her. Her eyes widened as she saw what was underneath, and so did Tommy’s; a pentagram was carved into the top of the altar, fresh blood running through its trenches.


A Very Si-Li Christmas, Pt 1

A ramshackle wall, built mostly from car parts and welded plate metal, stretched out in either direction, drawing a very clear line between the safety of Si Li and the rest of post-apocalypse Los Angeles. A ratty-looking fake wreath hung from the towering chain-link gate door.

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